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We Made The Tabloids

Tue, 07/31/2007 - 4:57am

There are some great shots of Robin Romm from her reading last week in The New York Observer. Click on them. Aren't they cute? Now go back to the second one. Bob looks great, doesn't he? See that person's back of their head?  That's me. Don't we love the angle? Those sunglasses are hard plastic and don't fit on the top of my head. I always wear them on the back of my head until I can put them in their case so I don't lose or break them. After looking at this picture, I'm thinking of re-thinking my strategy. In fact, I'm rethinking my life. (That last part is just a joke). In Bob's words, I'm glad I hitched my wagon to a star. Or at least my caboose.