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August 22nd

Summer 2012 Update from The Lab :: Writing Classes With Matthew Clark Davison

Wed, 08/22/2012 - 2:51pm

Hi Labbers!

What a pleasure it has been to give your inboxes a bit of a break. I love all of you for signing up and/or helping spread the word for my private classes; but there's always a twinge of cringe in sending out all the promotional emails and Facebook reminders and Tweets. Don't get me wrong. The promotional efforts are all well worth it because I get to see writing from such a diverse and talented bunch. That said, I'm hoping that a bit of absence has made the heart grow fonder.   

I'm also happy to report that this blog entry is not selling a thing! Things have been cooking for me both on the writing front and with life; so this is just a quick hello and a response to those curious as to when I'll be doing the next 6-week session of The Lab. I haven't responded to the emails sooner because I was waiting to hear about how my fall semester would shake out.  

I just received the news that I'll be working at Stanford in the fall.

One of my friends asked, "The Stanford Shopping Center?"

"No," I said, "I'll be working with MBA students in The Graduate School of Business at Stanford University as a Communications Coach."

"Too bad," she said. "The stores at The Stanford Shopping Center are awesome and I was thinking discount."  

IG_4992 copy.jpeg

I was sorry to disappoint my friend, but remain thrilled for the new opportunity, as I love finding new ways to help people with words. 

The Stanford work will be in addition to the other two jobs: teaching at SFSU and mentoring at Performing Arts Workshop; which means I won't be doing the next 6-week session of The Lab until January.

I hope to make it worth the wait. I've been collecting new experiments and revising those that gleaned the best responses from previous sessions. While I will forever think of it as The Douglass Street Lab, the January 2013 session will actually take place at a whole new (wonderful) venue on Nob Hill. Shall we call it Douglass Street Lab Northeast?     

Meanwhile, if you've taken The Lab, and have any creative news whatsoever, writing or otherwise, I hope you'll send it to me so I can share it on Facebook. I've recently posted songs by Labber Michael Mullen of Pocket Shelly and Labber Gemma Bulos.

"Like" The Lab if you haven't already, and give them both a listen.     

Meanwhile, I hope all of you are making the most out of the last days of summer, and writing away.  

All Best,