May 27th, 2021

Two Weeks From Launch Doubting Thomas Matthew Clark Davison


May 27th, 2021

My Dears, 

It's officially Gemini season, so watch out! For my 50th birthday (which I'm celebrating this year because last year--when I actually turned 50--my plans got cancelled) I'm launching a book! 

There are less than two weeks until the official launch (June 8th) of my first novel, Doubting Thomas! I've been getting a few questions, and I'll answer them here:

Q: I ordered the book. When will I get it? 

It depends on where you ordered it. Friends who've received the book early are already sending photos. Others will get it around the official launch date, June 8th. Once you receive it, send me a pic of you and the book against your fave backdrop. 

Q: I haven't yet ordered it. Where's the best place to buy the book?

A: Wherever you want. It's a win to buy it from your favorite indie bookstore OR from my publisher who has released the E-book version early--AVAILABLE NOW. If you order the paperback from Bywater/Amble, they'll send you a signed copy. The Booksmith and Powell's are planning on sending signed copies, too. Amazon boosts ratings, which helps in ways I don't understand. So it's all good. Thank you for asking. 

Q: Are you having a party? 

A: Yes. Stay tuned for in-person events related to Doubting Thomas. Meanwhile, I have two virtual events that mean a lot to me because I'll be in conversation with two writers I really love: Paul Lisicky & T Kira Madden. Please register now. 

Q: Can I help? 

A: You already have. I can feel the support. For overachievers, you can 1) call or go by your fave indie bookstore, ask if they've ordered Doubting Thomas. If yes, say thank you. If no, ask if they will. 2) do the same at your library branch 3) If they have ordered it, say you know the author and ask if they'll feature it somehow, perhaps on the Pride Month table, local author's table, etc.

You can share about the book on social media with links to your fave place to purchase. 

You can also follow me on Goodreads. Once you've read it, review it on Goodreads & Amazon

Instagram is the place I have the easiest time updating. So if you're on it, please follow me. However haphazardly, I've been slowly telling the story behind each of my wonderful blurbs, which are all below. 


+I'm not the only one with a new book. Labbers Ethel Rohan, Caitlin Chung, and Patsy Creedy all have books out, too. Devan Brettkelly recently published this story. Ashley Nelson Levy novel is slated to come out later this summer and so is Peggy Knickerbocker's illustrated memoir. Please consider ordering or pre-ordering these fabulous writers' works. 

+If you're a Labber and have news, send it to me so I can give you a shout-out! 

+The Lab Online is fully up and running! The artists whose processes we explore are Cheryl Strayed, Maurice Sendak (with a bit of William Blake), Suzan-Lori Parks, Justin Torres, Taylor Mac, and Ellen Bass. All you need is a Gmail account and decent WIFI. The Lab Online has been another labor of love. It has taken years, but I’m finally able to offer a 6-session asynchronous (you can do the sessions in any order at any time over six months). No Zoom! There are six free warm-ups on the page—yours to enjoy. Tuition is $495. A portion goes to fund such .orgs as Stop AAPI HateBlack Lives Matter, Marin/SF Food Bank, LAMBDA Literary, and others to support local artists/businesses. If you want to take The Lab Online, and cash is the only thing you lack, get in touch. We can likely work out a deal. 


+Labber Arline Klatte is one of the producers of Porchlight, a San Francisco storytelling institution, and YOURS TRULY is going to chime in on the topic: The Bitch is Back :: Stories of Resurgence. It's June 17th, a live event, outside at The Mint! Tickets sold here. 

+The Lab :: Experiments in Writing Across Genre, co-written by Alice LaPlante, due out in 2022 from W.W. Norton is underway! 

+The Lab Live is slated to return in person this fall. Stay tuned. 

+I've included a few more hyperlinks if you feel like clicking on the blurbs below, just in case you haven't had enough. 

More about The Lab
Can't wait to see you in person once that's safe again.

Thank you for reading! 



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