July 12th, 2007


Thu, 07/12/2007 - 8:30pm

Yesterday my friend Rick and I were stopped on the street in Hayes Valley by a bubbly young woman with a digital camera asking if she could take our photo for a newspaper (see the photo she took, above). Rick and I had just eaten a burger at Flippers and I’d just splurged on a suit at Sean’s new location. My friend Big G Don is the manager there and I’d been talking about buying a new suit for over a year. The last suit I bought was in 1996.

I love the way Don looks. He dresses in very well-made and athletic-cut clothes with simple clean lines and beautiful fabrics. (And by beautiful I mean people you want to touch you do so.)  Sean’s clothing style reminds me of living in Italy. I used to teach English to businessmen at their work places and always appreciated their slim-cut suits and the way in which they took pride in their appearance.

A day passes and I’d forgotten all about the "photo session." I had a crap day. Fighting with my cell phone company and a cold. Then I had plans with a friend that were cancelled last minute. I immediately thought I could go and hear SF State Creative Writing MFA alum Robin Romm read from her new book at the Books, Inc’s new location. (It's in Opera Plaza the Clean Well Lighted spot on Van Ness)…but it was already past seven & therefore too late. (I can't wait to get Robin's book. I've read some of the stories and heard the title story read at a reading she and I did together and they're wonderful.)

...So I was (and still am) feeling under the weather like I have a cold and figured maybe I should take care of myself.

That’s when Rick called. “Did the picture come out?”  

I didn't know what he was talking about. I'd decided to sweat it out at the gym and then go home to a nice spicy meal. After some jump-oga (that's another entry) and weights, I went to Wallgreens to stock up on Zycam and Wal-born. I happened to be standing right in front of The City Star stand on Polk and Vallejo in my neighborhood. I opened the paper and there it was. Rick and I standing in front of Sean.

But that’s not the end of the story. While they accurately spelled my name (which is nice since so many people spell Matthew with one T and Davison with two Ds), it says, “Friends Rick R..., 40, of the Castro, and Matthew Davison, 37, check out what’s in store at Sean on Hayes Street.”

I wonder why she left out my neighborhood. Brief aside: My zip is in the Marina but I’m not really in the Marina. I’m two blocks from Cow Hollow, Russian Hill, and Pacific Heights…depending on the direction I walk in from my apartment. For simplicity’s sake I said, when she asked, what neighborhood do you live in, “The Marina.”

I can’t help but wonder why she left it out. There was still plenty of space next to the picture. And believe me when I say “I wonder” I mean just that. The way it’s written makes it seem like we’re both from The Castro. I enjoy the Castro, and am even considering moving there, but I don’t live there and it’s hard for me to know why she’d write where Rick lives and then leave out where I live. Mysterious. Or is it?

I will say that I went online to find the photo to post it here and send to my friend Rick and it was posted under City Snapshots for Noe Valley. (We were in Hayes Valley). So my best guess is that they’re doing their best to get a daily publication out and some of the details fall through the cracks.

No big deal. Mostly I just wanted to talk about Robin's book and Sean's store and share my moment of feeling like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. We couldn't even go shopping without being hounded by photographers. That's what you get for blogging. Hahaha.